Hindi ako bulag.

Four eyes lang.

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My pretty little kitties
I couldn't resist joining cat_adoration when I saw it on spotlight~!
I love cats so much even when I was just a wee little girl. i used to take in all the strays I find and it tends to aggravate my mom.
But she couldn't stop me anyway~

My cat Persia~ She's my very first non-stray cat.

And her friend Smokie. I bought her because I didn't want Persia to be lonely~
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Cute babies! Persia's so fuzzy. And Smokie looks like marble. =D

Yeah =3
They're so adorable and playful!
I just love them so much <3

Yeah...just recently XD


yeah, good idea re. getting a friend, although i have to admit that i'd be much more OK with only having one cat than, say, only having one dog. cats are pretty independent. I kind of love that about them. :)

Yeah, that's what I love about them too :3
But problem is, our cats are left alone for a long time in our house whenever we go to school and my mom goes to work, so we figured we'd get another cat to keep each other company :D

I heard some cats, especially those who are used to attention, could get easily depressed when left alone for long periods of time. Hence the decision ^^

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