Hindi ako bulag.

Four eyes lang.

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Semi-realism SOUL MAKA
I really wanted to learn semi-/realism! T_T Please don't hurt me! =(


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that's lovely. I especially like Soul

Heeey, that's some pretty good coloring right there! ^^

The eyes and the shading are beautiful. The shape and texture of their faces are very realism like but it's still got a cartoonish edge that can allow you to identify who they are. Plus, you put them in their pretty winter outfits, which I love~ ^^

XD Soul's eyebrows look awesome when they're white. I actually have this theory that if Soul grows a beard out he'd look like Santa Claus. Speaking of hair, you kept the style and texture recognizable. Lovely~

Excellent job!~

Thank you! =3

Yeah, I think all of Soul's hair are white XD it's logical XD

I'm not sure just what it is, but I feel like you really hit the mark with Soul. For some reason his facial structure seems really right. Not too pretty but not weird, you know? (Of course you do. You drew it.)

Anyway, good job with both people!

Haha, thanks ^_^ and no...I don't know haha I'm weird that way XD

Thank you for your comment =D

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