Hindi ako bulag.

Four eyes lang.

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Friends Only

If you add me as a friend, please leave a comment here. I want to get to know all of you.
My journal is horribly empty right now save for the lame doodles and pictures I've been posting. But I'll work on that soon.

By the way, I just want to say that, any original artwork of mine that you will find here should not be posted anywhere else. It's the reason why they're locked in friends only posts. I know they're lame but it didn't stop me from seeing them in other sites without my explicit consent. I've found them rendered and turned into wallpapers and banners before too. So I hope you will respect this little favor of mine.

So getting into business, here are my basic information:

Name: Rona Jean
Gender: Female
Location: Philippines
Interests: Art, Anime, Manga, Music, Japan, Books, Mythology, Movies
Obsession: SoulxMaka, Chocolates

Another note. I understand that people have different opinions and beliefs. I respect any and all opinions no matter how opposite it is to mine. So I'd very much like it if you respect mine too. That is all.

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thanks for adding back :]
hope we'll get along~

No problem =D
It doesn't take much to get along with me =)

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