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Hindi ako bulag.

Four eyes lang.

Rona Jean

Hi. Welcome to my LJ.

I am silverfire15 or RoJeRu or RJ. Take your pick, I respond to all of them.

I am obsessed with anime and manga. I'm random. I hate love triangles. Don't know why, they just don't sit well with me no matter how they spice up stories. I support original/canon pairings because I like to keep things simple and it saves me from a lot of angst. And I love chocolates.

Moving on, this site is my dumping ground for all my doodles, sketches and other art/graphics related things that are not acceptable in my DA account. They'd mostly be about anime and the pairings I currently ship. And maybe a few this and that. Don't expect anything more.

I'm not great or whatever. But I hope you find something that might interest you here. Someday. When I finally post things and plump up this blog. Trollololol.

BTW, I am totally approachable. You know. In my own anti-social way. I don't bite. Unless you bite me first. And even then I don't bite hard...I'm nice that way. Have a nice day. =3

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